Mastree - Influencer Marketing

(Live English Communication Lessons)

Mastree is India’s first effective English communications learning platform. It is geared towards school-going students, from grades 1 to 12. They bring together communication experts to tutor the children online. They target all the focus points to help the students, thereby making them confident communicators.

The brand was looking forward to increasing its traffic and engaging more people(parents and students) in using its products.

After having a detailed discussion with the team, we decided to focus on the Central and South India regions with a major inclination towards the family-orientated channels as we realized that the youth and the parents would be the best combination for this kind of brand.

The campaign started in July 2020 with influencers integrating the brand originally in their videos and asking audiences to make the most of the lockdown imposed back then.

The organic integration and the exciting free trial classes helped the audience to gain their trust in the Mastree.

The brand is content with the overall campaign as its audience base has increased significantly and the campaign has organically reached more than 16M+ people to date.

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