Soocel Influencer Management Program

Eligibility - Zeal and enthusiasm to create unique and entertaining content

Why this Program is for you?

You enjoy creating content, right? Then all you have to do is create your content. And we'll handle everything else, such as getting brand campaigns, fair negotiations, approvals, content management, and anything else you're worried about.

We will be guiding you in your journey by selecting the perfect brands for you and assisting in witnessing the true power of brand-influencer partnerships!

You will be getting a dedicated manager from our side. All the queries and the other tedious work pertaining to negotiations, approvals, payment reminders, etc will be handled by this manager on your part thereby saving your valuable time and maximizing your collaboration time.

What are the benefits of joining Soocel Influencer Management?

You have the talent that makes an impact and we have those desired brand campaigns. We offer you to collaborate with us and drive the brands such that they grow with your assistance. Here are a few services to which you will be entitled by becoming a exclusive Soocel influencer:

1) A dedicated manager - This manager will be working for you and will be your right hand for the brand collaborations. He/She will be responsible for getting you more brand deals according to your profile. He would also be responsible to get in touch with the brands from which you have worked in past and checking with them for more campaigns.

2) Transparent executions - We would be handling the end-to-end operations for you and you will just have to focus on making the content. From the time, the brand is onboarded, we will take care of everything - the script pointers, negotiations, finalisation of the script/creatives, approval on the final deliverable, link generation, deciding the apt caption and hashtags for SEO, invoice generation, timely payments, campaign report and the list goes on.

3) Desired brands and effortless collaborations - We know how hard and time taking is to reach out to brands and ask for campaigns. So here we will connect you with your desired brands and make you a part of some amazing campaigns.

4) Hustle-free and timely payments - You won’t have to worry now about the invoicing and the other accounting parts of your collaborations. We will be getting the invoice generated and getting the timely payments for you from the brands. We will also be making you aware of the various accounting sections under which your services are accounted for.

5) Content Management - We help our creators to manage their content and stand out from others. We’ll help you with your content calendar, editing of the videos, and updating with trending trends/hashtags around the social media which will overall help in the growth of your profile. We have weekly/fortnight sessions wherein we and our other creators share and discuss the new learnings of social media.

6) Fair pricing - You won’t have to think about unreasonable pricing negotiations anymore. We will be negotiating on your part with the brand and getting you the amount which you deserve based on your engagement with the brand. We have been in this space for quite some time and have been working with a lot of brands and creators so we have that bargaining power.

What is Soocel?

Soocel is an Influencer marketing platform where influencers get a stage to expand their reach in this modern-day marketing industry by collaborating with their dream brands. We, at Soocel, believe in transparency in our operations ensuring both the influencer and brand get the most out of the engagement. We have worked with over 10,000 influencers and many well-known brands.

When working with brands and creators, we have an ideology that reflects our belief in long-term associations and relationships. We want you to grow with us because we understand the strength of growing together.

What does Soocel do?

We are here to create an impact in this fast-paced digital era by ensuring transparent executions.

We, at Soocel, collaborate with top-notch brands and provide highly efficient campaigns with effective results through Influencer Marketing.

We also enable creators to become the biggest personal brand with the help of monetization, PR, and collaborations.

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