[India’s Metal Credit Card]

OneCard is a revolutionary brand that has aimed to make India feel classy and plastic-free through its Metal Credit cards. Not just this, OneCard is based on the principles of simplicity, transparency, and giving control back to its users.  They also have a powerful mobile app to control your card and get you the maximum benefit out of it. We worked with OneCard on their influencer marketing campaign.

Campaign 1 

The brand wanted to expand its user base thereby engaging with more and more people. They were running a lot of offers on their app and wanted to focus on one such offer. They wanted to create a buzz for their Diwali In-app Jackpot wherein 12 lucky couples would be taken to the Maldives for a full trip sponsored by OneCard. 

After a detailed discussion between the teams, we mutually decided to run the influencer campaign with a travel and lifestyle creator whose audience and the brand’s targeted audience were in sync. After scrutinizing and speaking to various creators, Ms. Tanya Khanijow – a renowned travel creator was found as the perfect match for this campaign. It was decided that she would be also traveling to the Maldives with the lucky winners and sharing her experiences of using OneCard.

The influencer marketing campaign was planned and executed in a very systematic way starting in January 2022. The deliverables were planned in a way that the key message of the whole campaign doesn’t look too pushy and the audience doesn’t find it too repetitive.
The campaign was designed keeping both Instagram and YouTube platforms in mind. A mix of Instagram stories, reels, posts, and YouTube integration was finalized between regular intervals so that all the targeted audience can be tapped on.

The Instagram stories were shot and uploaded by the creator by keeping the suspense about her new travel location for the audience. A lot of guesses were made by her followers for the location, and that resulted in people checking out the OneCard platform as well.

The creator shot and posted various reels and posts during her stay in the Maldives and organically integrated OneCard into them, thereby keeping the content fresh and engaging.
She also shot her full travel experience and had shown how OneCard’s various features eased her ways of making payments during the trip.
The whole campaign was spread out over a month, with the content coming out for the audience even after her return.
The impact of this one campaign was huge and the brand received a significant amount of responses.

Campaign 2 

In order to maintain the same rhythm, influencer marketing campaigns for each month were planned in a way to increase engagement.

Infotainment, tech, finance, lifestyle, and entertainment creators were asked to use OneCard and full creative freedom was given to them. They were asked to give their honest opinion on the feel and features of the brand and communicate the same to their audience.

Based on the learnings of the campaign, regular alternations were made in the campaign to tap into each possible user who wants to own a unique and stylish metal credit card with zero/minimal effort.

The results of this campaign have been noteworthy and the brand is content with the overall results. Till August, the campaign has reached more than 15M+ people organically. As per client feedback, this campaign really helped them in user acquisition as well as brand recognition.

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